Ask Your Neighbor


Maybe it's the neighborhood I live in or maybe it's just me, but I rarely speak to my neighbors. It's not that I dislike them (well, most of them), but most just keep to themselves, lock their doors, hide their secrets. It takes a vocal and social soul to step out and "Warm Up" or ask "To Be Held" or just say hello, "Nice To See You". Leave it to the bearded one, Phil Spirinto of oRSo to step out and release an album called "Ask Your Neighbor" (Contraphonic). It was recorded over three years at oRSo's home studio and at Four Deuces with Jim McGranahan, and it was mixed with Griffin Rodriguez (Icy Demons, Bablicon) at Shape Shoppe. The evolving line-up of oRSo continues on this release, with contributions from Tim Rutilli, Jim Becker and Ben Massarella (Califone), Nick Macri (The Zincs), and others, including full-fledged oRSo member Libby Reed (Coat). Musically, oRSo plays a gentle yet wandering brand of experimental folk music that seems oddly warm and inviting. This is the sixth album in ten years from Spirito and oRSo, and it is a beautiful addition to their catalog. As I drive home, surrounded by sunset and oRSo softly playing, all of the issues and confusions of the day seem to blend then blur then be blown away like crisp autumn leaves. So take a break from the election coverage, and relax a little bit.

[MP3] oRSo - See Me

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