Abstractions of form and language


What would the result be if three talented musicians allowed there ideas and unique sounds to come together in moments of spontaneous exploration? Not exactly like free jazz, but a sonic exploration, an adventure in song and form. Chicago's Pillars and Tongues, Evan Hydzik, Elizabeth Remis, and Mark Trecka, find as much joy and satisfaction in the process as they do they product, but as a listener you get a strong sense of soul in their experiments. As its core, I imagine you could call this gospel music, but only in the most primal sense of the word.

Last week this trio released Protection, their debut for Chicago's Contraphonic, a four track conversation, a musical dialog, pushing the idea of structure to its furthest levels. First performing together years ago as part of Static Films, on stage they execute both prepared and improvised work, responding to the environments in which they are playing. Tonight they make one last appearance in Chicago before spending the next month touring France and Italy.

Pillars and Tongues will perform tonight at The Hideout with Remindring and DJ Tim Kinsella. The show starts at 10:00 and tickets are $7.

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