A Little Help?

Here at Transmission, we're looking to add to our ranks with some of the best music writers Chicago has to offer. If you're into telling the world about your favorite new band/album/DJ/music event, then keep on reading.

Want to help?

What we can offer: - Free access to great shows, bands, and new albums.
- A chance for you to write for an exciting web publication that's been bringing news and events to Chicago readers for more than five years.

What we can't offer: - Money. Sorry, but Gapersblock is a volunteer organization.

What you'll need to offer: - At least two posts per week to the blog, as well as our calendar section, Slowdown. - At least one feature article every two months (600+ words) and participation in occasional group features.

We're especially interested in folks who'd like to write about hip-hop, electronica and folk music, but if you're eager to write about indie rock for Transmission, don't hesitate to contact us.

We're also interested in finding a weekly columnist for Transmission. If you've got an idea, and are willing to write each and every week, go ahead and pitch it our way!

What to do to apply: Send an email to transmission (at) gapersblock (dot) com with the subject line "I"m Here To Help" ASAP with at least 3 writing samples. They don't need to be music writing samples, but that would be a plus. Links are fine. Let us know a little bit about you and what type of music you'd like to write about. We'll get back to you quickly, promise.


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