Arm Candy for Men

Tracey Meyer cuff links

Tracey Mayer

Chicago's cuff link guru Tracey Mayer may be gaining worldwide popularity with her men’s jewelry line, but we feel special that we can always claim her as our own.

Distinctive bold cuff links finished off with signature bullet shaped end stones are her claim to fame, and it's easy to see why.
Mayer hand-carves the pieces using unique materials and fuses together rare gemstones like black diamond, pink and yellow sapphire, and carved white and black mother-of-pearl. Then she forms them into cuff links, rings, bracelets and necklaces for all the men out there.  She says the pair of cufflinks chosen by a man is a reflection on his attitude towards life.
So what does that mean if he chooses the Hoot Tiger Eye cuff links as opposed to the Black Opal Tusk? Guess it depends on the guy.
Either way, looks like men finally have some candy to choose from.
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