Top Chef Seeks Good Goat Stuff

"Top Chef" winner Stephanie Izard seeks goat-themed décor

The highly-anticipated restaurant The Girl and the Goat is set to open any day now, but before that happens, celebrated owner and former "Top Chef" winner Stephanie Izard wants it to be just perfect.

Her idea of perfection? The perfect “cool goat accessories” to compliment the space.

Izard’s got her eye on some goat-themed specifics, and she’s calling out to the Chicago masses for help.

Among her must-haves are a goat crown and a whole lot of goat stuff to fill shelves in her open kitchen.

“We’d love to have some cool goat stuff to show off in the restaurant that will forever become a part of Girl and the Goat" lore, and we’re opening it up to you to maybe help us get there,” Izard said in a statement. “And in return? Well, the top five kick-ass goat ‘things’ we like will be invited, with a guest, to a friends and family preview dinner at the restaurant later this month!!”

But don’t get your undies in a bundle quite yet. There’s rules to be considered for the prize. Izard doesn’t want just any goat stuff. She has certain pieces in mind.

  1. Izard and her team are on the hunt for the wackiest, zaniest, coolest goat items you’ve got. Her team will choose the top five coolest items (for now, you just need to send over a photo, not the actual item)
  2. Items should be size-appropriate (something that would fit on a shelf and look good in a dining room, a.k.a. nothing too big or small).
  3. Photos should be posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page to be considered. Post as many items as you want to increase your chances to win.

The contest runs now through Monday, June 21st at 9 pm, so get working on those photos.

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