‘Top Chef' Inspires Winning Cupcakes

Bravo's 'Top Chef' has quite a cult following here in Chicago, possibly because this is such a food-centric city, but also because the last season (4)  was filmed here in our fair city, last season's winner Stephanie Izard  is a home town girl, and this season (5) features another hometown honey, Radhika Desai of Wicker Park's Between Boutique Café & Lounge. Regardless of the reasons, we dig all of this Top Chef hype.
The Bleeding Heart Bakery ,1955 W Belmont Ave., is once again paying tribute to the show each week by creating a specialty cupcake in honor of the Elimination Challenge winner.  Their first cupcake commemorating European Stephan's big win is an all organic cinnamon/mint cupcake with a lemon curd center, Greek yogurt, olive oil and candied parsley, all based on his winning lamb chop recipe.  Here's a picture of the decadent cupcake.

Check out some of the photos of Bleeding Heart Bakery cupcakes inspired by Top Chef seasons' past.

To contact the Bleeding Heart Bakery to inquire about their specialty cupcakes, call 773-327-6934.

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