Top 10 Motivational Running Songs, 80s Movie Edition

Motivational tunes from the 80s -- back when men were men, except when they were Wham.

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The Chicago Marathon comes and with it, ungodly amounts of pain. Put your simpering to rest with these motivational tunes from movie montages of the 80s -- back when men were men, except when they were Wham. Even if you're not running the marathon, these tunes are guaranteed to take your mind off your aches, and put it on your bangs.

10. You're the Best -- Joe Esposito
from The Karate Kid
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There's nothing more inspirational than seeing a lady-waisted wop face kick the Hitler youth. This is really an immigrant's story. Should've been called La Dolce Karate.

9. Hearts on Fire
-- John Cafferty
from Rocky IV
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Get jiggy with this anti-communist allegory as Sylvester runs up the Urals, stands triumphant on a snowy precipice, then falls over the edge into Stop or My Mom Will Shoot.

8. Push It to the Limit -- Pete Bellotte
from Scarface
Turn it up, unzip your polyester track suit, and revel in the auditory equivalent of Drakar Noir.

7. The Final Countdown -- Europe
from Arrested Development
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OK, not in an 80s movie. But if it's good enough for Gob's ringtone, it's good enough for your workout, you feckless wizard.

6. The Montage from Team America: World Police
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Like a Russian nesting doll of Russian nesting dolls, this montage is a montage about montages. Break yourself.

5. You've Got the Touch
-- Stan Bush
from Transformers: The Movie (1986)
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The title of Stan Bush's ballad from the animated Transformers movie could be seen as a suggestion to fondle the physical toys -- a proposition in 1986 which, given the introduction of that curvy pink ladybot Arcee, seemed suddenly quite desirable.

4. Holding On For a Hero -- Bonnie Tyler
from Footloose
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Bonnie Tyler's synth-tastic tune's typically associated with that 80s movie about dancing mullets (Footloose), but the video's notable for revealing that Tyler bears an uncanny resemblance to Jareth, King of the Goblins.

3. The Heat Is On -- Glenn Frey
from Beverly Hills Cop
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Just listen to Glenn Frey's blessedly un-Eagle-ish sax jingle and imagine you're running away from Eddie Murphy's donkey laugh. Works every time.

2. Anvil of Crom -- Basil Poledouris
from Conan
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Like a broadsword through your bowels, Basil Poledouris' orchestral arrangement will move you.

1. Man in Motion -- John Parr
from St. Elmo's Fire
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You may be surprised to learn that John Parr's hit song, at once inspirational and winsome, sadly does not refer to a beatific muppet.

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