Tonight: Bring Your Own Vinyl

Plus: Mud Queens and pumpkin festival


BLACK VINYL MONDAY: A note for the kids -- a record is a vinyl disc with grooves containing music and spun on a special machine called a record player. Learn more about this strange XX tonight at BYOV -- the Bring Your Own Vinyl event at Firkin. The popular Libertyville gastropub invites guests to bring in their favorite records for play and discussion with fellow attendees. Most records can also be appraised on-site as well which means there may be gold in your parent's attic. 4-11:30 pm, 515 North Milwaukee Ave, NO COVER

DIRTY FUN: The Mud Queens of Chicago host another one of their raucous parties tonight, taking over the Viaduct Theatre. It's exactly what it sounds like -- competitive mud wrestling in front of a hootin' and hollerin' crowd, with a rock & roll soundtrack provided by the bands Cooler By the Lake and Scotia Widows. And before you assume this form of entertainment has no redeeming value, a portion of the proceeds go toward the Young Women's Empowerment Project and the Chicago Women's Health Center. Feel better? 8 p.m., 3111 N Western, $15

PUMPKIN FUN: Mon Ami Gabi's annual Pumpkin Festival continues through Wednesday at the North Side and Oak Brook locations. The classic French bistro’s celebration offers pumpkin-inspired dishes, pumpkin carving contests and pumpkin games for chances to win dinner for four.

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