This can't end well

Yeah, sometimes you have a little too much fun at the Indianapolis 500. But this is why I stay sober at these things!!

As I'm trekking across the west side of the Circle City to retrieve my car, I find this guy. This was the position I found him in. Check out the kid in the background. After I took this photo, he turned around to look at the guy. I swear the look on his face asked himself, "Is he dead?" As for the guy on the car, he didn't even move. His legs were still, his arms stayed steady. That guy was passed out. Normally I'd be concerned, but after watching 300,000 idiots run around Indy drunk for the past 12 hours, this was just hilarious!

The 500 is so much fun for me, the race is an adreline-pumping thrill ride (I should do movie reviews shouldn't I?) but the action in and around the track is legendary.

It's one of the few places where the "no shirt, no shoes, no problem" theory applies and those that do wear shirts usually have a message on it that would make the FCC squirm. I'm a classy guy, but this isn't a fashion show, so get dressed for a two-mile walk in each direction, pack the cooler full of the cheapest beer around (Old Milwaukee Light, Natural Light, hell, anything "Light" ought to do) and get ready for a fun day on the blog!!

**I picked Tony Kanaan to win, he cut a tire and hit the wall. His day was done too soon. Danica Patrick's crew did a great job to help her hold on to third place, but while she and Dan Wheldon were fighting for second on the restart for Lap 183, Helio Castroneves pulled away. He's won three times, but many don't consider him an Indy legend because it's not in the "Indy hey day." I think that's too bad because with the cars all being the same, it comes down to the qualifying spot (Polesitter), the pit crew (Carb Day winner), and where you race all day (up front). Helio's a legend in open-wheel, but only if he pays his taxes.

**So that was my Sunday, the next day I wandered over to the Captain Morgan Club and there was Mr. T, in town for the Cubs-Pirates game. Later on, he threw out the first pitch and sang the 7th Inning Stretch in the greatest pair of Zubaz pants this side of 1994. But before that I learned a valuable lesson when he was greeting fans at the CMC.

I got in line, whipped out the cell phone camera and walked over to him. I looked him in the eye, shook his hand firm and said "Mr. T, it's a pleasure to meet you!" Remember when your father taught you all that important stuff about eye contact and firm handshakes? Yeah, it comes in handy when you meet a guy like Mr.T.

**Construction Update: I-94 in Wisconsin is about to become a nightmare. From Milwaukee to the state line, crews will be widing the freeway to four lanes while keeping just two lanes available all summer long.

So if you are heading to "the lakehouse" or Door County, if you're hitting up Summerfest or maybe evening stopping by the Mars Cheese Castle (which will have to be rebuilt as a result), keep this mess in mind. Oh, the Sox go up north to face the Brew Crew and I'm certain the speed trap will get worse!

**Trivia tomorrow and as of now I still haven't come up with a question, but I can guarantee it won't be like the equation last week.

"If two trains leave the station at the same time in the opposite direction..." ahhhhhh!!!

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