This Boot is Made for Drinking

Clybar and Grille unveils new "Das Bier Boot"

Most serious beer lovers don't care what they drink their sweet suds out of -- even it happens to be a boot.

Now you can test that theory with Clybar and Grille's new glass German "Das Boot."

The 72 ounce receptacle can be filled with any of Clybar's seasonal beers for $36, including Sam Adams', Leinenkugel's and Great Lakes' Octoberfest beers.

Drinking a beer out of a boot -- called a Bierstiefel in Germany -- is believed to be a tradition that dates back to the 1400s, in Heidelberg, where fraternities would quench their thirst after dueling each other with sabers. Others say that soldiers would drink out of their boots while in leave.

Either way, we're pretty sure the ale Clybar is serving up will taste significantly better.

Clybar and Grille, 2417 North Clybourn, 773.388.1877

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