They Want You as a New Recruit … For Their Show

St. Charles is about to get a whole lot groovier

Sure, plenty of Chicagoans have seen cops who write too many parking tickets, bikers who rev their choppers too loud on city streets and construction workers who don't seem to want to move quickly for anything, so who wouldn't want to head out to St. Charles to see a cop who can't write tickets, a biker who's rarely seen on his hog and a construction worker that moves like there’s angels in his soul?

Well, here's your chance because some of the kings of the Disco Age are headed that way.

That's right, for one night only, select Chicagoans will have the opportunity to see the Village People live in concert. The 70's disco sensations will be performing an 8 p.m. show at the Arcada Theater on Saturday, April 25th and tickets are now on sale.

While they found success and popularity in the 70's with hits like "Macho Man," "In the Navy," and "YMCA" and their fan base may largely consist of their original crop of fans, if the band plays its cards right, it may just find success in this concert with younger generations, too.

It isn't known just yet if period costumes or any other cheesy add-ons are mandatory for entry to the one night only bonanza, but if event organizers know what's good for them, adding some more period flare might actually help in attracting a younger crowd.

The Village People practically embody the "over the top" concept but if the event were at least 10-20% kitschier, it just might be an absolute blow out. Kind of like the 12 Bars of Christmas but set to outrageous music, with no one faulted for not wearing deodorant.

Like adding bacon to virtually any food, or zombies to any scenario, highlighting the kitsch value of any event that already has the necessary components can make even the simplest concert infinitely greater.

The 20-something generation that was brought up on grooving to the Village People’s music at elementary school dances, hosting tacky 80's parties complete with crimped hair and popped collars, and attending events like the recent Snuggie bar crawl might respond well to a disco themed event with one of the most recognizable groups of the era.

Who knows how the organizers will ultimately approach the show, but if the concert is done right, it'll be campy.

The music will likely be good, and -- if you party just hard enough -- you might actually think you've gone back in time to an age where disco ruled, "Three's Company" rocked the airwaves, and it apparently wasn’t as culturally insensitive to wear a full Native American headdress on stage in front of thousands of people.

The people up on stage will probably think they’ve traveled back in time…you may as well join them there.

The tickets start at $49, which may sound like a lot but since there's 6 Village People in total, on average it comes out to just a little over $8 per villager.

For more information on how to join your fellow man (and biker) in the audience, click here.

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