The Joke Is On Us


It gets old after the first couple of minutes of pranks. Here's a list of bad jokes done by us or found by us at some point today

-I attempted to create insane travel times, only I botched the punchline. Wa Waaaaa.
-We reported breaking news with a Bear attacking a car in Schaumburg
-someone said there was a kangaroo loose around Lincoln Park
-former ESPN 1000 host J Hood was arrested (that's restaurant quality!)
-CBS 2 News dropped their 10pm newscast as of this coming Monday
-the Bears traded Brian Urlacher (some might have been actually excited about that one)

and after The Price Is Right had everyone on the set wearing fake glasses and mustaches, I'd about had enough and it's only 10am.

A lonnnnng way to go.

**Today we lift the Winter Parking Ban from 107 miles of Chicago city streets (park where ever the hell you want to now!). Now, you'll have to look at the street signs to make sure you're not on a street that says "No parking 3rd Wednesday of the month 9am-3pm"

Street Sweeping!!

At least we don't have to deal with the snow anymore to get our car dirty, right Andy? Andy? Hello? (crickets)

**Opening Day at the Cell is coming up this Monday as the Southsiders take on the hated Royals of Kansas City. Ladies, allow me to be the first to tell you that Kyle Farnsworth plays for the Royals now. They have an off day on Tuesday. He'll probably be out on Monday.

You're welcome.

If you aren't a veteran of trips to the Cell, think about the Red Line and Green Line to make the 1:05 PM first pitch. Parking will be more difficult than usual at 35th and Shields. Parking starts at $23, and the El Trains have gone up a lil bit. I'm unsure if they'll have the 6am lot open for Friday games this year (park at 6am, Red Line it to work, then come back for the game). I haven't seen it anywhere on the Sox website.

We'll try to clear that up Monday morning on our live broadcast. Also, we'll see if we can bring back the "secret shortcuts" piece that we ran last year.

**Thursday Traffic Trivia is tomorrow, so have your thinking caps on at 5:15 AM and Dance Friday this week will feature some special guests. The best high school seniors hoopsters playing in the 3rd Annual Chicago High School Classic will be onhand to show off their skills. Catch them on the court Friday night at Niles North High School at 7PM.

I've been apart of the game since the beginning, so if you want to know more, check out

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