The Trick to Making Great Pizza at Home; Jimmy Fallon Sings About Hot Pockets

Midweek lunch special, let's eat:

1) The major reason that the pizza you make at home don't come close to what's served in restaurants: your oven can't get as hot. "But after cooking more than 200 pizzas over several months, I learned an easier way to edge closer to the kind of airy, creamy, chewy, thin crust you find at pizzerias that have otherwise sane people waiting in line for an hour. And it has less to do with heat than good baking technique," he writes. "I let the dough rise overnight." [NYT]

2) Plenty of old phrases involve food, but many are out of date and writer Cathy Eray thinks she found some suitable alternatives. Example: "All of this, for peanuts!" The problem is that peanuts are no longer cheap, as they originally were when the phrase came about. What's a suitable alternative? "All of this, for Cheetos." Reconcile the vocab with our factory food system, people. [Mark Bittman via Huffington Post]

3) And finally, Jimmy Fallon and a choir chanted about the benefits of Hot Pockets last night. There are no words for this one except...HOT POCKETS. Make sure to check out Jimmy's dance moves about three-quarters of the way through the video.

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