The Second City Launches New Show

"Spoiler Alert! Everybody Dies" begins open run

The Second City's new show is about something everyone can relate to -- death.

"Spoiler Alert! Everybody Dies" goes to the dark side, but of course, in a very comedic way.

"A lot of it is about how disillusioned we are, about how we don't know what's true, we don't know what's real," said Shelly Gossman, Second City ensemble member.

The Second City's revues are always collaborative, so cast members get together and brainstorm ideas. For this show they ended up questioning the state of the world.

"Our show has those poignant moments, the hard truths, but it also has so many silly, physical almost like old-school slapstick comedy moments," Gossman said.

The major theme is that we're all in this together -- whether your path is to save the world or to constantly remind your husband where he left his keys.

The show has an open run at The Second City.

Call 312-337-3992 for tickets or online at Performances are Tuesday - Thursday 8 pm ($22) and Friday and Saturday 8 pm & 11 pm ($27) and Sunday at 7 pm ($22)

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