The Evening News: March 1

Hopefully you've recovered from your case of the Mondays in order to prepare for a slow Tuesday after partying tonight with Art Smith and Phillip Foss. After all, we have a full week ahead of us with the continuation of Restaurant Week, trying out new places and maybe giving that small shop you never stepped into a second chance. If you need help finding a new place to check out, consider starting a list with our brand new Feast ranking system, which is extortion-free.

Today in food news: We love the Drawing Room, so we're really, really hoping this questionable drink tastes better than it sounds: Chicago Dog Caipirinha. Hot dog cocktail, anyone? The Stew played takesy-backsies after jumping the gun on the announcement of Amy Payne as the new sommelier at NoMI. TOC's David Tamarkin dished on the highly anticipated butchering demonstration that took place last Thursday at The Bristol. Michael Nagrant continues on his 2010 shawarma search over at Newcity. And if you haven't wished The Local Beet a happy anniversary yet, they're reminding you that it was last month.

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