In the Cards: Arizona Downs Eagles, Heads to Big Show

Arizona is headed to their first-ever Super Bowl

Kurt Warner showed today that he is still a top-notch quarterback, as he led the Arizona Cardinals to their first Super Bowl since the Roosevelt administration with a 32-25 win over the Eagles.
The Cardinals started the game off well, executing a pitch-perfect drive to a touchdown in the very first drive. Arizona made several short plays that led to a short pass from Warner to Larry Fitzgerald for a touchdown. Fitzgerald and Warner were not finished after that early score.
The two hooked up for nine catches,154 yards and three touchdowns. Warner completed 21 passes with 28 attempts for 219 yards, and was helped out by another veteran, Edgerrin James, who picked up 73 yards. The Arizona defense also played brilliantly, with safety Adrian Wilson sacking McNabb twice, and Aaron Francisco picking off a pass.
After the first half of football, the Eagles seemed finished. They were down 24-6, and with the Philly offensive line resembling Swiss chesse, it didn't seem possible that the Eagles could win, but their performance in the second half gave the Cardinals a scare.
They chipped away at the Cardinals' lead with two touchdown passes from McNabb to Brent Celek, and they were in position to take the lead. They did just that with a long pass to DeSean Jackson, who bobbled the football, but held on as he crossed into the end zone.
Unfortunately for Philadelphia, the Cardinals were led by a veteran in Warner who calmly took the game back for his team. In the next series, he sent an eight-yard touchdown pass to Tim Hightower, then completed the two-point conversion to seal the win for the Cardinals.
The Cardinals will now finish their unlikely season in Tampa Bay for the Super Bowl. They have never been in a Super Bowl, and it has been 61 years since they have even been in the NFL Championship game.
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