The Best Pizza in America

GQ names Andersonville pizzeria's pie "Best in America"


Perhaps this will settle the great pizza debate once and for all. According to GQ's June issue, a local pizza joint makes the best pie in the country -- and no, it's not deep dish or stuffed.

Head over to Andersonville's Great Lake (1477 West Balmoral Ave.) and try the Mortadella pie to see what all the fuss is about.

The author traveled 20,000 miles across the country in search of the "25 best pizzas you'll ever eat" and fell in love with owner Nick Lessins's creation. He touts the fresh ingredients, such as the freshly-made in-house mozzarella and aromatic fresh marjoram instead of basil, and calls is "slightly shy of unbelievable."

We're guessing the rest of the world is just finding out what most Andersonville residents have known all along. Whether they're happy about that is a different story, because if you think the lines were long enough already ...

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