Ladies: Your Anti-Super Bowl Party

For those who can’t stand the sight of large-helmeted men in tights...

Every first Sunday in February, some women (and even some men) cringe at the thought of another day dedicated entirely to football. Yep, its Super Bowl time.

For those who can’t stand the sight of men running up and down the field for hours on end and bashing each other from all angles, you finally have an option that doesn't include hanging out in a packed room with beer-guzzling, grunting sports fans.

Simone’s in Pilsen is hosting the No Boys Allowed Party, a bash where you can enjoy "Sex and the City"  (episodes, that is) while the rest of the world crushes beer cans on their head and yells at the television.

If you dress to impress (sport a skirt or dress), you'll score yourself a free cosmopolitan to start off the evening.

Sorry guys, no boys are allowed. But if you're smart, you might want to hang around outside at the end of the night when the masses of girls are pouring out. We’re just sayin' ...

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