Tavi's Launching a Magazine

Famous fashion blogger takes on new project

The precocious Oak Park teenager who set the fashion world on fire with her Style Rookie blog is working on a new project -- a magazine.

Tavi Gevinson announced via her blog that she's been approached by the founding editor of Sassy magazine to start a magazine for what she describes as an audience of "wallflowerly teenage girls."

Sassy, a cult mag that is now defunct, was targeted toward teenaged females into alternative and indie rock music, and often referenced by Gevinson in her writing. She says the new mag won't be a copy of Sassy, but will use it as a reference point.

The magazine doesn't have a title yet, but Gevinson is looking for people who want to contribute to a "feminist, creative, moody-teenage-girl magazine."

The details of the new magazine are vague, and attempts to reach Gevinson for comment were rejected -- which is exactly what we'd expect from a moody teenager.

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