Tonight: Taste the Gold Coast

Event offers samples from several restaurants


The Gold Coast boasts some of the best restaurants in the city, whether you're talking about the food itself, or the people watching.

But trying all of the restaurants can be a time consuming -- not to mention expensive proposition.

That's where "The Taste of the Gold Coast" comes in. The first annual event will be held Wednesday at the Sutton Place Hotel, and will offer the cuisine from the top restaurants in the area together in one location.

We're talking Il Mulino, Gibson's, Morton's, Luxbar, Quartino -- name a Gold Coast restaurant, it will likely be there. Selected items from each restaurant's menu will be presented by the head chef.

Expect live jazz, a silent charity auction and cocktails from Pama and Hypnotic as well.

The Gold Coast never tasted so good.

Taste of the Gold Coast, August 26th, 6-9 p.m., Sutton Place Hotel (21 E. Bellevue Place). Purchase Tickets ($60)

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