Woman Swims Across All Five Great Lakes

Marathon swimmer has been conquering the Lakes since '97

When a Canadian teacher emerged from Lake Michigan Monday night, she became only the second person in history to successfully swim across all five Great Lakes.

After a 25-hour, 35-mile swim from Chicago, Paula Stephanson emerged from the water at Washington Park Beach in Michigan City.

Stephanson, a stout 30-year-old, 5'2", 150 pound marathon swimmer, had already conquered the other four Great Lakes (Ontario, Superior, Erie, and Huron) after beginning her quest in 1997.

"Paula was not the picture of joy coming out of the water but she looked strong coming toward the beach and kept picking up the pace till it was over," read an email from Stephanson's support team, as communicated to a blogger covering the event.

Stephanson first attempted to cross Lake Michigan last Friday, but was pulled from the water after 12 miles when choppy water endangered her and her support crew, according to the Intelligencer.

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