Hostess Gifts That Please


Crashing a friend’s BBQ this weekend? Show up in style with a fun, random, or at least irresistibly delicious gift and you’ll be thanking yourself later -- especially when you’re too intoxicated to drive home and end up shacking up on their couch with the dog. Again.

Food never fails (well, unless it’s just plain bad). Bring an edible gift over to your friend’s house and they’ll be thanking you with every bite:

1.       Delicious (and slightly naughty) Bourbon Bacon Popcorn from Salted Caramel
2.       An array of freshly baked cookies from Cookie Bar in Lakeview.
3.       A dozen cupcakes from Sweet Mandy B’s. (Better make it two dozen, while you're at it).
4.       The freshly baked marzipan macaroons from Delightful Pastries.
5.       Mo’s Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix from Vosges Chocolate, (for when you make your poor friend cook you up breakfast in the morning.)
For something besides grub, check out these party pleasers.
        1.       Big Papa Champa “Mac Daddy” candles are handmade in Chicago using detoxing insense from East India.
2.       Teroforma Whisky Stones keep drinks cool without watering them down. 
3.       Talking Heads Presidential Block Set is perfect for 4th of July. When else can you impede such a historical and slightly boring political gift on people?
4.       Bring the life of the party with you (no, that’s not just you) with this instant inflatable beach ball.
5.       Show up with this BBQ Sword for the grill master and earn some awesome brownie (er, burger) points.
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