SushiSamba Rio Offers Exotic Election Day Specials

Call it the Super Bowl of elections -- it seems no one wants to stay home this Election Day. Various restaurants and bars across the city are offering cleverly named dishes and drinks on Nov. 4 (see some of our favorites here). Now, Asian-Latin fusion hot spot SushiSamba Rio has jumped on the bandwagon with an election-viewing party menu with some spice.

Next Tuesday, cozy up to one of SushiSamba's bars for a special menu of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian-inspired dishes and two specialty cocktails. Dishes such as spicy crunchy tuna rolls, Japanese chicken wings, mini yellowtail seviche and vegetable tempura are all priced between $2 and $4 (how's that for solving the economic crisis?).

And, with all of that screaming at the screen while Wolf Blitzer mans the Situation Room, you'll want to reach for the cocktail of your choice. Will it be the Obamarama (muddled lemon, blueberries and sugar with Pearl blueberry vodka, blue curacao and club soda) or the Maverick (muddled raspberries with sugar, raspberry rum, triple sec, grenadine and unsweetened white tea)? SushiSamba will tally up how many of each cocktail -- blue or red -- that they sell on Election Night. Talk about rocking the vote.

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