Surprise! It's Robin Williams!

Sometimes you get something a little extra for your money. 

Lakeview's Lakeshore Theater audience expected to be thoroughly entertained when they bought seats for the sold out Christian Finnegan show on Friday, Sept. 26, but they had no idea just what was in store for them that evening. Comedian Robin Williams surprised the audience and theater staff alike when he entered the 330-seat theater after performing the first of his two scheduled shows at the Chicago Theatre earlier that night.  He watched the performance and eventually asked if he could close out the final set.

Who would possibly say ''no'' to that?

The comedian dove right into his signature, rapid-fire comedy for a 20-minute performance, cracking jokes about everything from his recent divorce to the impending election.

This wasn't the first time Williams has happily crashed a Lakeshore Theater event. He was in town earlier this year for an Ellen show taping and surprised everyone with two nights of standup comedy.

''When Robin first stopped by the theater several months ago, it was really magical, but I figured he was just working out material for his (then) upcoming tour,'' said Chris Ritter, co-owner and operator of the Lakeshore Theater. '' I'm speechless that he performed a full two-hour show at the Chicago Theatre, jumped in a cab and came over here. He must really like us.''

And who doesn't like Robin Williams?

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