Surprise! Dinner's on Spiaggia

Restaurant celebrates 25th birthday with freebies

Spiaggia restaurant (980 North Michigan Ave.) sprung a surprise on its diners Monday night, treating everyone to free dinner.

The restaurant made the gesture as part of the celebration of their 25th birthday.

Sixty guests received the free meal, including a 96-year old woman that has frequented the restaurant since it opened, a 40th and 60th birthday party, and a group celebrating a wedding anniversary.

Monday's complimentary dinners were the first in a series of surprise gifts that will be offered at Spiaggia for the rest of the year.

The surprises will occur on the 13th and 25th days of the month, 13 symbolizing Spiaggia's actual birthday and 25 commemorating 25 years of service.

Does that mean free meals will automatically be given out on those nights? You'll have to show up in order to find out for yourself.

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