State Unemployment Rate Jumps

State officials say national economy a drag on state's numbers

The unemployment rate in Illinois rose to 7.3 ercent in October, up from 6.9 percent the month before.

It's the fifth consecutive month of job loss for the state, which had a 5.3 percent unemployment rate this time last year.

Illinois Department of Security Director Maureen O'Donnell says that even though Illinois has a diverse economy, the national economic slowdown has had a negative effect on the state.

She says federal assistance is needed to help create jobs.

The hardest hit sectors according to the numbers released Thursday are construction, which lost 4,100 jobs since last month, and financial activities, which lost 2,200 jobs.

The national unemployment rate was at 6.5 percent in October, ompared with 4.8 percent the year before.

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