Why Chicago 2016? Celebs Weigh in

Billy Dec launches celebrity Olympic support videos

The closer we get to D-Day -- the date when a decision will be made on the 2016 Olympics -- more and more people are coming out of the woodwork to express their love for Chicago, including an increasing number of celebs.

The latest celeb push for the games comes from Chicago nightlife guru Billy Dec, who is unveiling more than 50 video segments with celebrities discussing their love of Chicago and their support of the 2016 bid.

Dec, co-owner of Rockit Bar & Grill and the brainchild of Rockit Ranch Productions, released the first three videos Tuesday on his blog, which he conducted with Jimmy Fallon, Michelle Williams and Sean Hayes.

John Legend stars in the fourth video, released Wednesday, and future participants include Nick Cannon, David Schimmer and Brian Urlacher.

“I interviewed some of the most talented athletes, actors, musicians and national icons across the country, who all felt as strongly about the Chicago bid as we do,” Dec said. “They all had such interesting stories about why they love Chicago and how this is so important not only for the city, but for the country.” 

Dec said plans to release one new celebrity interview on his blog each day until October 2, when the International Olympic Committee will make the announcement in Copenhagen.

Oh, and did we mention there’s a party? Dec is celebrating the release of the videos with a  fundraiser at  of Rockit Bar & Grill Thursday at 7 p.m.  

Chicago represents is the only U.S. representative in the race for the Olympic bid.

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