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Stars endorse board games and skull-shaped vodka

Nolen James

In today’s trying economic times, celebs are scrounging for any opportunity to make a pretty penny.

Which is perhaps why this week was the week of celebrity endorsements, from Dan Aykroyd debuting his new Crystal Head wine at Market Restaurant and Sports Bar (while also posing with the original Blue Brothers mobile outside), to actress Daryl Hannah coming to town to promote her second board game, Liebrary, at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair at Navy Pier on Saturday along with co-creator and fellow actress Hilary Shepard. Huh?
Hannah also spent some time (and her hard-earned board-game dollars) at Gem Jewelry Boutique, where she purchased two initials from the Pica collection. She said they were her boyfriend’s initials.
In other news, the relationship is still going strong (at least in front of the public) for Bachelorette’s famous Chicago girl Jillian Harris and fiancé Ed Swiderski. The two took things to the next level this weekend by introducing their parents to one another. It was “one big love fest” for the two families, according to a source.

They all hit the Festival of Lights during the day, then headed to the Hotel Felix lobby bar for some probably much-needed cocktails. Then the families moved to the Elate's "communal" table where they enjoyed some Market Fresh Oysters, Fried Dough, Slow Baked Salmon and Short Ribs. For dessert, they ordered one of everything on the menu, including multiple chocolate cakes and Butterfinger desserts.
And over at another indulgent restaurant across town, actress Marion Cotillard made a visit to Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse while in town filming the Oprah show, Al Roker got cozy at Sunda, Bear’s player Alex Brown got his drink on at SVEDKA Vodka’s Improve Your Pickup Game at Kirkwood Bar & Grill. Wonder if that improved his game?

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