Spring into Action

Spruce up your home for spring and summer with these simple fix-up tips

The arrival of warmer weather awakens in the inner handyman in all of us. Before you bring your credit card on a buying spree at Home Depot this weekend, map out a plan of attack for some simple spring fixes that will make a big impact. Mike Klein, CEO of Airoom, a local home design, building and remodeling company, offers his tips on tackling those home improvement projects you've been putting off all winter.

First of all, check your air conditioner to see if its working properly before the weather really starts to cooperate, and be sure to change your air filter. Then move on to anything that's been broken in your home, such as uneven stairs, unsightly mailboxes or problematic plumbing. By getting these annoying items off of your to-do list, you'll truly have a fresh start.

Klein suggests that this time of year is ideal to re-caulk areas like crown moldings, bathtubs and window frames. When temperatures heat up, expansions and contractions occur in the structure of a home, so check for any separations and be sure to fill 'em in.

Also, use this optimal time before it gets too hot outside to take on big and small outdoor projects like painting the exterior of your home (Klein recommends warm, creamy colors for all over and cooler, deeper shades for the trim), as well as repainting fences and refinishing decks. Now you're ready for all of those summer parties you'll be hosting this year.

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