Space 519 Finds Room at 900 Shops

Refined general store opens up shop

Some were shocked when they walked down Rush Street recently and noticed the super-trendy Jake Boutique was no longer present. But now, former Jake owners Lance Lawson and Jim Wetzel have taken their knowledge in the boutique biz to set up a new shop in the 900 Shops(which, by the way, is the new hots pot for store openings recently).

Space519  -- named after just what it is, their fifth-floor location -- brings a new concept to the shops with its goods. Think along the lines of a modern general store (no barrels of taffy here though, sorry), but totally upscale and chic. The super sleek space is filled with trendy home goods, apothecary products, electronic odds and ends, an accessory here or there, and even books.
In other words, when you’re in a jam for a decent gift, head to space519 to get ‘er done. Then, get it wrapped right there (for free, we might add) and be on your merry way.
When you have time to peruse, the shop also has a section dedicated to seasonally-rotating items that will be on trend with the “must-haves” of the moment. The showroom will start off featuring a curated assortment of vintage furniture and accessories, focusing on spring entertaining, that will eventually turn into a designer showroom. Now, look for Native American jewelry and a themed group of items heralding back to 1960s California beach culture.
In other words, they’ve got a little bit of everything for everyone.
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