We All Scream for iCream

iCream offers 129,600 flavor options

These days you can customize just about anything, so it only makes sense that you can now have ice cream your way.

Ice cream may be the last thing you're thinking about this time of year, but the iCream Café (1537 N Milwaukee) opens on March 7. It's an ice cream shop that offers an insane amounts of different flavor combinations custom-made to your liking.

iCream's owners claim to have discovered 129,600 different combinations of flavors, meaning it might be pretty hard to come up with a flavor combo the owners don't already have. But you can always try!

iCream offers traditional ice cream, light ice cream, soy ice cream, organic ice cream, sorbet and yogurt.

But if ice cream isn't your cup of tea, the flavors can be steamed to create custom warm pudding. The shop also offers smoothies, Italian sodas, coffee, tea and espresso.

Founders Cora Shaw and Jason McKinney started the company as a graduate school project for a class at the University of Chicago.

Shaw and McKinney have ice cream down to a science, even injecting their product with liquid nitrogen. The rapid freezing process  creates the frozen treat in minutes.

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