Snuggies for Everyone!

Blanket with arms is brilliant

We take some fashion heat from New York and LA. But in a city with brutal cold and snow, sometimes function needs to be the priority.

Enter the Snuggie. (And we're not talking about the sophomoric practice of pulling up someones underwear.)

You may have seen the infomercial for the brilliant blanket with sleeves running on your favorite cable station. The one that shows the multiple ways you can take advantage of having your arms free for eating, working or holding something. 

"Every time the ad comes on, I elbow my husband and say, 'You can use your arms!' " Jennifer Vaughan Martin told the Chicago Sun-Times.  "The people look so happy, and their lives seem so much more complete with the Snuggie."

You can feel complete too for just $14.95. Read more about the crazy popularity of  what we think pretty much looks like a poncho in the Sun-Times

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