Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

So It's been a few days since we've entered the post-Blago era on the Illinois Tollway system. The signs that don the Open-Road Tolling Lanes have been covered by the name of the specific toll plaza that drivers are passing through. (Which most people now say should have been the norm the whole time.)

What's been interesting is that people have been telling me stories of how they drove by, honked the horn at the state workers in approval, pulling over to take pictures of the moment, then the workers responding with a "thumbs up."

That's how much the ex-governor alienated this state. The fact that anyone is celebrating the idea of taking down or covering the signs is a bit humorous. Just be sure to remember how those signs got there in the first place. Nearly $500,000 of the states money were used to put 32 of them up back in 2006. The timing of it was very curious to most Republicans around the state since G-Rod was up for re-election that fall. (Boy, those signs look an awful lot like campaign signs.)
Our Thursday Trivia question last week explored what you could do with that money instead. Such as repair one lane of expressway for a mile, or two lanes of an arterial street for a mile. Think of all the pothole troubles some of you could have avoided over the past 2-3 years.
You shouldn't be celebrating, you should be peeved!
**Speaking of potholes, you think it's bad now? Wait until this weekend. (Especially in the Region). With temperatures hovering around zero early Wednesday morning, followed by the mercury climbing to almost 50 degrees over the weekend, you can expect the pavement to take a beating. So saddle up, go slow, check the tires (and get that car washed, it looks awful, man!).
**The crew in the Traffic Lounge helped me tape a piece for the Auto Show, so expect to see that in the coming weeks and on our 2009 Chicago Auto Show broadcast (Saturday, February 14, 6pm CST on NBC 5). It's my special way of helping everyone get to McCormick Place for this year's event. I'll just say this. No laws were actually broken in the filming of this story.
**Right Hand Man Jim makes a special appearance in SKY 5 on Friday filling in for the legendary Mike Lorber. (Don't let the sweater fool you.)
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