Shhh! We’ve Got a Fabulous Furniture Secret

Nadeau offers custom furniture at wholesale prices


 A new piece of custom furniture in your home is a lot like a new piece of designer clothing in your closet. Nothing can make you feel more fabulous, faster.

But just as shopping for designer duds can be harsh on the bank, home decorating can be downright detrimental. If only Chicago had a place to buy hand crafted, custom furniture at wholesale prices. (Sigh...) Well, before you throw your hands up and walk away from that armoire of your dreams in despair, head to Nadeau.

Nadeau is known across the country as a leader in the wholesale furniture industry, yet it can also be considered one of Chi-town’s best kept secrets. Located off the beaten path in the Ravenswood neighborhood and situated in a discreet, enormous warehouse with the friendliest staff around, expect to find fine wood furniture imported directly from China, Indonesia and India. Each one-of-a-kind piece is hand crafted from unique woods found in their country of origin. But this is not your typical wood work. Nadeau boasts dressers, console tables, dining room sets, coffee tables and more, each crafted with the utmost individual style, textures and personality. After all—their motto is “Furniture with a Soul.”

Many of the pieces feature that glistening, gleaming wood, while other selections are painted gloriously fun colors such as mustard yellow, turquoise blue, crisp white and burnt red. Styles range from classic cottage to outdoor teak to Hindu flair to exotic and raw.  
Now check out the price tags.  Warning: you may embarrass yourself a little as your jaw drops and you exclaim aloud: “Could this be true?!!” Before it opened to the public, Nadeau was selling strictly to independent high-end boutiques and retailers. Where you may have once paid thousands of dollars for a piece of this furniture, you will only spend a few hundred at Nadeau.  (You can shut your jaw now. The answer is “yes.”)

Do you need another reason to feel instantly fabulous?

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