Shh… Where's the Secret Show?

Shiny Toy Guns prepares for secret Chicago show

No doubt you've seen the promos, and if you hadn't already, it's likely that a large portion of the Chicago area is now familiar with the band Shiny Toy Guns. In fact, it's quite possible that you've had the song Ghost Town running through your head ad nauseum. We know. We received the emails.

It's all been building to the big concert tonight when Shiny Toy Guns takes the stage somewhere in Chicago. And no, sorry, we can't tell you exactly where that is, but we can say that it's going to be the small, intimate-type of setting that you rarely get to experience in a live concert setting.

Artist Glen Hanson, who directed the animated video to Ghost Town, will also be in the house.

Those of you who were able to answer our online quiz correctly are on the list, and know where to find tonight's show. The rest can check out our online coverage of the show early tomorrow.

If you're one of the lucky ones in the show tonight, be sure to share your experience with us. Hit us up on Twitter. Send your photos to And brace yourself for a ride to Ghost Town.

Ghost Town
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