Girls: Which SATC Gal Are You? (And Guys: Who Would You Date?)

Cheeky Chicago probes Chicagoans on SATC characters.

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Leave it to the gals over at Cheeky Chicago to ask some familiar locals the burning questions when it comes to "Sex and the City 2." For the ladies -- which SATC character are you? And for the men -- which one would you date?
Jessica Zweig
"When asked what character most portrayed by a Sex and the City character, my first thought was, it's a mixture! But when closely looked at ... Charlotte, she is in my opinion, a little crazy fun, emotional but contained, timeless/classic dresser and is always working to better her life." -- Julie Darling, Event Planner
Jessica Zweig
"I would say Charlotte. She's neurotic, undecisive, darling, naturally beautiful....all the things that drive a guy crazy." -Rodelio Roglibot, executive chef, Sunda
"Samantha -- I'm a sassy gal who enjoys having a career and lives life without apology. Men are more of an accent rather than a necessary fixture in my life, and I'll do anything to advance the careers of my friends." -- Kelli Zink, host,
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"Charolotte, because she converted." -- RJ Melman, HUB 51 co-founder
"I'm a fashion lover, single woman and very career driven, so I can relate to Samantha and Carrie. Carrie because of her huge love for fashion and her romantic heart. Samantha for her ambition, resilience and "sexual confidence." -- Anna Fong, clothing designer
"Lonnie and I don't compete over girls but, given this group, we may have a fight. We both agree Samantha has the best combination of joie de vivre, independence, and sexual 'comfortability.'" -- Lonnie Rodriguez & Vince Anzalone, Genuine Entertainment
"I think I am like Charlotte the most because she has such a positive outlook on life. She is always put together and prepared for anything that comes her way. She is classy, sophisticated and determined. I admire her character because she knows what she wants in life and works hard to achieve her goals." -- Lynne Bredfeldt, Director of Public Relations for Park Hyatt Chicago
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"I really think I have a little bit of each character, but if I have to choose one, I guess I am most like Carrie. I don't think I am as fashionable as Carrie (although I would like to be), but she is always learning about herself, working hard at a job she loves, and while love isn't always easy, she believes in it." -- NBC 5 meteorologist Ginger Zee
"Are you serious? Samantha of course! C'mon, do you really need to ask me why?" -- DC Crenshaw, host of Game Time Dine
"My friends would definitely say I am Charlotte because while I've had my share of heartbreak, that doesn't stop me from opening my heart to others and searching for my happily-ever-after as I know that someday, my Prince will come." - Lindsay Avner, founder, Be Bright Pink
"I'm going with Carrie on this one. For a writer, she's not brooding, morose, or socially awkward." Michael Mason, GM, David Burke's Primehouse
"Charlotte. She's old-fashioned and proper, but tells it like it is. Always looking for the best in everyone, she's endlessly loyal. She's a true friend and a romantic." -- Stacy Levy, director, Exhale Spa Chicago
"I would date Samantha because a 26 year old guy could learn a lot from a cougar like her!" -- Erryn Cobb, co-founder, Fetch PR
Debbie Phillips
"I am Carrie with a little bit of Charlotte. Carrie is a career girl who isn't afraid to take risks and have fun. Charlotte keeps it classy!" -- Catie Keogh, host, 24/7 Chicago
"I would definitely date Charlotte. She's perky and quirky. Plus I've had a crush on Kristin Davis since the Melrose Place days." - Mike McNamara, Executive Director, First Tuesdays with the Midwest Independent Film Festival
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