Exotic, Vintage-y Jewelry For All Budgets

Sequin Boutique's debuts fashionable spring jewelry line


Many people are into the idea of dripping in jewels and diamonds, but most of us aren’t fortunate enough to have a never-ending supply of cash, a la Paris Hilton.

Enter Sequin New York, a freestanding Chicago boutique that opened a few months ago offers fashionable jewels at a reasonable price.

The idea is the brainchild of sisters Linda and Kim Renk, who decided that everyone deserves beautiful accessories, no matter their budget. The duo created a collection of ever-changing pieces that incorporate a vintage feel, whimsical design and overall wearability -- pieces that are often inspired from trips to exotic locations around the world.

This month, the store is debuting their "Anita" collection, a spring collection of pieces inspired by the re-release of the Rolling Stones album  "Exile on Main St.," with images of Keith Richard's girlfriend Anita Pallenberg strolling in the South of France in the '60s.  

The collection has a luxe, sophisticated, bohemian beach feel that screams rock and roll meets primitive beauty. The pieces, based on neutral colors, layered pieces, and organic shapes made out of crystal, wood, and crocheted fabric, range in price from $25-$800.

Oh, and did we mention many Sequin pieces have been featured on Gossip Girl? Well, there you go.

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