The Ultimate Self-Tanner for Dudes

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After a long, cold winter sans vacay, we’re all feeling a little ghostly. For the ladies, that can easily be fixed with a trip to the spray tan booth or an application of shimmery bronzer, but for dudes, applying self-tanner probably equates to ordering the girliest drink at the bar -- it just ain’t happening.

But a new product has just hit the market that promises to take some of the hesitation out of applying tanner. Kiehls has created something new especially for the gentlemen -- a gradual tanning moisturizer.

Facial Fuel Healthy Bronze ($22.50) is a non-oily, paraben-free, caffeine-packed daily moisturizer that helps guys transition from winter white to a healthy spring hue without the orange streaks, and in most cases, without anyone knowing. It’s similar to any guy's’ moisturizer, but it comes in a gel texture, with the added benefit of providing a gradual, natural-looking tan that compliments your natural skin tone.

This “facial recovery accelerator” contains reduced levels of self-tanner so that you can get away with using it daily and not look like an oompah loompah .

Ginkgo Biloba gives skin a fresh appearance and activate circulation, Caffeine stimulates “tired-looking” skin and Menthol acts as a natural cooling agent, leaving you with refreshed, glowing skin that, quite frankly, isn’t so Adams Family.

But if looking like a member of the Jersey Shore cast is your goal, you may have to revert back to the traditional tanning bed.

This is a product ifor those looking for that au natural glow.

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