Second City Extends Limbaugh Musical

With the health care reform debate providing new fodder for Mt. Rush-Limbaugh-more to explode, it's probably not the right time for The Second City to wrap up its satirical ode to the radio talker.

Where it's new material or solid crowds, the Old Town comedy crew announced Friday that "Rush Limbaugh! The Musical" will be extended through May 26th.

The play follows Rush's rise to the top of talk radio, and plays up his stumbles along the way.

The likes of Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Hillary Clinton and Barney Frank also make cameos along the way.

And besides, if Limbaugh makes good on his promise to leave the country if health care reform passes, this may be the only opportunity for "dittoheads" to get their Rush.

The Second City, 1616 N Wells St., 312-337-3992 $25

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