Looking for a Loop Rock Girl

Online contest set up for high-profile position

What little Chicago girl hasn't dreamed about growing up to be a Loop Rock Girl? Well, maybe not every little girl, but for the ones who've dreamed about donning a bikini, interviewing rock stars and representing Chicago's most popular rock station, now's your chance. 

On Monday, 97.9 The Loop kicked off its 5th annual campaign for the 2009 Loop Rock Girl. 

The winner receives a $50,000 annual salary and job duties that include being the official spokesmodel for the Loop, appearing in videos, pictures and blogs on the station's Web site, a starring role in a calendar, and more events and concerts than you can shake a stick at.

The casting is being done online this year for the first time. Loop listeners will help narrow down the search to a "Sweet 16," and the winner will be picked at the Rock Girl Search Finale on May 2 by a panel of judges. 

So go ahead. Your parents will be proud.

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