Live the Lash Life

Salon Lashe offers long lashes without the clumps


Us ladies spend plenty of time getting spray-tanned, waxed and plucked, but for 2012, you can add  another must-try treatment in Chicago -- and we promise you’ll be batting your eyelashes over it.

Nestled inside a quiet space off of bustling Oak Street is Salon Lashe, the go-to place for one of the latest beauty trend -- eyelash extensions.

After years and years of applying mascara, only to watch it flake off, smudge, and run down our faces during unforeseen emotional meltdowns, it might feel like a much-needed vacation is necessary.

Yes, lash extensions mean you no longer have to apply mascara every day, and leaves you with flirty, lush lashes to play up.

During the first session, you’ll lay down in a serene room while a specialist applies hundreds of individual lashes to your peepers in less than two hours. When you’re finished (think of it as a well-deserved cat nap), you’ll emerge with long, full lashes that will stay put (thanks to a strong adhesive) for 4-6 weeks before a basic touch-up will be needed.

Even if you don't hit up Salon Lashe, it's important to go to a qualified professional to get the procedure done.

No mascara, no fuss, and longer lashes than you could ever get with a tube of mascara.

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