Rockaholic Fashion Fest

Division Street celebrates its fashion sense

Ever since, oh say, Brian Jones wrapped himself in a feather boa and chartreuse pants, fashion and rock and roll have been linked.

It's that spirit driving this weekend's first annual Rockaholic Fashion Fest & Fashion Show at Wicker Park's Moonshine (1824 West Division Street).

Saturday at noon, the bar/restaurant's parking lot will be transformed into a "Shopper's Row," where local boutiques will hawk their wares.

Live music, DJs, dancers and fashion shows will keep the party pumping all day long, culminating with the fashion show featuring designs by M. Go Fashion Salon at 9 p.m.

Drink specials will be available all day long, and admission is free.

It all goes to show, there's much more to rock and roll than just drugs and sex. There's, like, clothes. To do drugs and have sex in.

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