Rock Stars from Rockford?

Hey Champ's Star on the Rise

We're trying to think of some famous musicians from Rockford. Cheap Trick, check. Ummm... well, OK, we're drawing a blank, but a new trio -- two of whom hail from Rockford -- are making enough waves to potentially put that city on the musical map.

Hey Champ is a three-piece band that just completed "The Cool" tour with Lupe Fiasco, and are also signed to the West Side Chicago rapper's label.

The group's star is rising due to the critical and underground success of the single "Cold Dust Girl," which highlights the group's pop/electronic sound.

You can check it all out yourself when Hey Champ performs live at Lumen on Jan. 30.

A private cocktail reception will also be held at the West Loop hot spot between 9 and 10 p.m. with the performance taking place at 10:30.

You must RSVP for the cocktail party by emailing with "Hey Champ" in the Subject line.

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