Rising Star: Anna Torv

The supernatural world of Boston is a far cry from Australian sitcoms, but Anna Torv seamlessly fits right with a cast of American actors — even pulling off an authentic American accent with ease.

Anna plays the hardworking Olivia Dunham on the eerie new Fox TV series, “Fringe,” which already had audiences watching in big numbers for its premiere episode this week.

J.J.‘s new series combines elements of intrigue from “Lost” and a strong female character lead reminiscent of “Alias,” with a dash of “X-Files” to create an exciting news series that Anna Torv shines in — and for that, it’s easy to see why Anna has been named AccessHollywood.com’s newest Rising Star!

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Before leaving Australia, Anna starred in a slew of down under series, including, “The Secret Life Of Us” and “Young Lions,” but the actress always longed to move stateside and show her talents to an American audience.

Just as she was planning to take a stab at the American TV and film industry, the Hollywood writer’s strike hit, derailing her plans.

However, a successful screen test in Australia changed everything, Anna told Access. J.J. was impressed with the young Aussie actress and cast her in his new series, but landing the role caused Anna a bit of concern.

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“I was really nervous, I kept thinking it was going to be so different, and I didn’t know what I was going to do,” Anna said of getting cast in an America TV show.

Luckily, Anna’s fears were washed way when production started and she realized producing a show in America was not that different than in her native Australia.

Anna said she is proud to be another Australian actor who is successfully working in America. She is honored to be mentioned with the likes of Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and Eric Bana

She may have made the transition to a new part of the globe, but “Fringe” is different than any of her other projects, she told Access.

“This is just a whole lot more ambitious!” she said of the Fox series.

Over nine million people tuned into see the premiere of “Fringe” and Anna understands why.

“I like following the trails and threads [of the show],” she said of the show’s epic scope and storylines,” she said.

She is also quite found of whom she’s getting to share the screen with.

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