Report: Farrah Fawcett Inside Ryan O'Neal's Home During Arrest

Farrah Fawcett was in the Malibu home where her son, Redmond, and her on-off beau, Ryan O’Neal, were arrested on Wednesday morning, according to reports.

A source close to the case told People, Fawcett was asleep in the senior O’Neal’s home when the arrest happened.

As previously reported on, actor Ryan O’Neal and his son, Redmond, were arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning after authorities stopped by the actor’s home for a probation check on Redmond. Authorities reportedly found methamphetamine on the 23-year-old and a vile of the substance in Ryan’s room.

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The two men were released from lockup on Wednesday afternoon after posting bail.

A source close to the family told Access Hollywood the drugs found in Ryan’s room were not Ryan’s, information the lawyer’s actor also told the Associated Press.

“The drugs found were not his,” attorney Mark Werksman told the AP. “He would never use them.”

Werksman said Ryan was “shaken up” over the arrests.

“We know that when all the facts come out, he should not be charged with any crime here,” the attorney added.

Werksman, who does not represent Redmond, said Ryan was upset over the arrests Wednesday.

“He’s tried to lead a peaceful life,” Werksman told the AP. “He’s acting and he’s caring for his family and this is the last thing he ever wanted or expected.”

Shortly after news of their arrests made the rounds, Tatum O’Neal, Redmond’s half-sister, released a statement to Access Hollywood Wednesday.

“Addiction, if untreated, can lead to jail, institutions and death,” the actress who herself was arrested in June 2008 on possession charges said. “I love them both and [am] sorry to hear about this.”

Redmond has been on probation since this past summer stemming from a January 2009 incident when he was pulled over in Malibu. He was charged with possession of heroin and methamphetamine and driving under the influence.

In June, Redmond pleaded guilty to possession and a misdemeanor DUI charge and managed to avoid jail, but was sentenced to three years probation.

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