Rappers’ Delight

Cisco Adler and Shwayze go shopping in Chicago

National Geographic/Getty Images

Everyone need a little retail therapy now and then.

After a sold out concert at the Congress Theatre earlier this week with LMFAO, hip hop/pop rock duo Shwayze and Cisco Adler (son of Lou Adler) took Monday off from their tour to spend the day exploring Chicago.
The two musicians made a pit stop at Sofia Vintage Boutique Chicago’s destination for a vast selection of unique men and women’s vintage clothing and emerging designers, recently launched this spring. Not that surprising, considering the boutique has been a haven for visiting celebs since its Spring opening; Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from Aerosmith, Mat Devine from Kill Hannah and others have all dropped in during the past few months.
While at the boutique, Adler tried on leather bomber jackets, a gray Bill Blass tuxedo jacket with tails, a Pierre Cardin plaid sport coat, and a pair of Chanel swim trunks. Talk about a random combo. He ended up slapping down the card for those Chanel swim trunks and a Giorgio Armani sport coat, a reconstructed original rock t-shirt, an 80's off the shoulder sweatshirt, and a Chaser tank for his girlfriend.
Meanwhile Shwayze indulged in some retail therapy as well, purchasing a Steven Shein ring and a custom Sofia sweatshirt. A film crew was spotted filming Adler and Shwayze for their online webisodes for iamrogue.com.
After two hours of shopping and goofing, they finally called it a day.
The duo is known for their debut album, Shwayze, with hits such as "Buzzin" and "Corona and Lime," which was also the focus of a reality television series on MTV titled "Buzzin." They recently released  their second album, Let it Beat, with guest appearances by The Knux, Snoop Dogg, Ric Ocasek of The Cars.
Wonder if Snoop would approve of their purchases.
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