Pudge Be Gone

Holiday tips and workout secrets to keep yourself svelte

The average American consumes 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day—in other words, we’re not usually feeling our thinnest when December 1 rolls around. But is holiday season really an excuse to overindulge? Instead of going overboard all season long, leaving you struggling to button your pants come January, put down the cookies and listen up. Keep your pudge in check with these tips from Carrie Johnson, Pure Vibes Fitness trainer and Power Plate expert, and some exclusive holiday workout deals.

Johnson’s pudge-free holiday tips:
DON’T STARVE YOURSELF: Be sure to eat a healthy snack before attending holiday parties, Johnson says. This will ensure that you aren’t as tempted by the plethora of indulgent holiday fare, every calorie counts. When it comes to snacking at holiday shindigs, your best bet is to stick with fresh veggies and mixed nuts.
DON’T BE A SLACKER: Holiday season doesn’t mean you can slack off at the gym and not suffer for it. Stick to a regular workout routine as much as possible, says Johnson. This will help maintain weight and relieve holiday stress.
DON’T SHOVEL IT IN: You’re not in an eating contest, so slow it down. Wait at least twenty minutes before you get a second helping from those holiday feasts, she recommends. This is help gauge if you are really hungry for more. Another easy tip; stay hydrated—Johnson says hunger pangs are actually often a sign of dehydration.
DECREASE PORTIONS: For instant portion control, use different dinnerware. Use a smaller salad plate instead of a large dinner plate, she says. This way the portions are smaller, yet the plate still seems full.
STAY ON YOUR GAME: One of the most important aspects of this time of year is making time for yourself, which can definitely be a challenge. Schedule time for your holiday workouts to help alleviate any holiday stress and to stay on top of your fitness goals, Johnson says.
To help make your workouts a breeze, take advantage of the 30-days for 30-dollars holiday special  at Pure Vibes and Goddess Warrior Studio, where you can try out a variety of classes for little dollars.

Kim Peiffer is the founder of The Glow List, an online magazine dedicated to fitness, beauty, diet, spa and travel.

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