Protein Bar Debuts in the Loop

New eatery specializes in high-protein foods

A new Loop eatery opened Monday targeted toward on-the-go professionals trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Protein Bar (235 S. Franklin) is located directly across from Willis Tower (still can't get used to saying that).

The restaurant offers customizable high-protein blended drinks, bowls, fresh-made soups, wraps, salads and other high-protein items.

Customers can choose from 22 gram scoops of whey, soy or egg protein which are then mixed with the all-natural fruits, add-ins, and nutritional boosts of their choice. Each drink costs $5.15, and you can also choose from signature blends such as the Oak Street Peach, Fruit Loop'd, Wrigley Peeled and Millennium Perk.

The bowls contain high-protein whole grains along with fresh fruit, milks and yogurt.

The business prides itself on not having the word "juice" on the menu, rejecting any sherbets, syrups and purees with refined sugar that you'll often find in other blended drinks.

Protein Bar is owned by 29-year-old Chicagoan Matt Matros, who lost 60 pounds after following a high-protein diet.

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