Product Review: C9 by Champion Women's Tights at Target

With a Chicago winter gearing up, summer running apparel might not cut it

I've always enjoyed running in shorts because I like the freedom they afford me in movement. But with a Chicago winter gearing up, summer running apparel might not cut it.

Here's a pair of leggings I've tried recently that you might want to check out as you search for warmer gear: C9 by Champion Women's Tights at Target.

Comfort: The 86 percent nylon and 14 percent spandex means these bad boys are like a second skin. They feel thicker on than I thought they would, but they're warm and still allow for free range of motion. I have sensitive skin, so at times the material felt a little uncomfortable on my legs, but for the most part they're very breathable and form-fitting.

Durability: These bottoms are definitely not your average bum-around leggings. The material is thick and resistant to rips, and they're safe to toss in the washer and dryer too. No pilling or wearing down here! 

Style: Since they're meant to be skintight, they leave little to the imagination, but compression aspects seem to make these as flattering as running leggings can be. 

Price: At $39.99, you can definitely find cheaper, but with the Champion name and the durability of these leggings, you'll have them for awhile.

The Basics: If I'm a little chilly (or if I'm being honest, haven't shaved my legs), these leggings are definitely a great alternative to the polyester shorts I'm used to.

Check them out online or at your nearest Target location. 

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