Playing a Ginger Zee request…4 months later

Back when Ginger Zee filled in for the perfected coiffed Andy Avalos in late October, I asked her if she had a song idea for Dance Friday that week. She gave me two choices. Timberland's "Release" (got occasional air play on the radio, never did much damage on the charts) or Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" (which we all know now rose to a chart topper in mid-January).

I gotta confess. I like a little dance music. Maybe that explains my idiocy on Dance Friday, but I was impressed with Ginger's knowledge for some good old Euro Dance music. Best request by a staffer not in the Traffic Lounge to date! (I know, I'll turn in my "Man Card" by the end of the blog).

So while Ginger's recomendation took 22 weeks to rise to the top of the Billboard charts (2nd longest climb since Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" in 2000, remember that pile of bad?) I was happy it didn't take as long for it to make its way into the Dance Friday Rundown. (but it was close)

Today, Resident Dancing Machine Cassidy and I managed to grab Mr. Bill West and convince him to join us. Now, I know he's not one that likes to jump around in front of the camera. He said "I can't dance." and I quickly responded by say "Neither can we!"  I think our bearded friend enjoyed himself bobbin' his head for 45 seconds. Then it was back to work. Good work pal!

Kudos to the Northwestern Dance Marathoners for picking up the energy this morning. They even cheered when we teased it! (I'm thinking Pep Rally type broadcast on the Evanston campus if the hoopsters make the Big Dance, who's with me?)

**We capped off a boring week of traffic with a semi-truck that burst into flames on the Indiana Toll Road. We rarely cover the Toll Road for reasons beyond our control, but I'm sure plenty of people became familiar with the Cline Avenue alternate around the mess at Calumet Avenue. The delay once they re-opened a lane was almost three miles long. (Note: Anytime you hear a traffic reporter tell you about a crash on the Indiana Toll Road, you can bet it's going to be a major traffic problem)

**I mentioned my parking meter troubles a few days ago, and another one popped up today. You know it's not good when I've put LAZ Parking into my speed dial on my cell phone already (and it's only been two weeks in the area I park!!) Stay tuned. Juicy details next week.

**Special thanks to the people with UPS and Everest College last week. I was invited to speak to both groups and we had a good time. UPS drivers, you better drive defensively or Mike Lorber will find you in SKY 5. Everest College grads, today is the first day in your quest for success, see it to the end!

**Hometown Update: Lady Vikings, 32-0 squaring off with Whitney Young tonight at Redbird Arena. I'm reminded of this line in from Preacher Purl in "Hoosiers" (which I saw for the 1,237th time this week)...

"...and David put his hand in the bag and took out a stone and slung it. And it struck the Philistine on the head and he fell to the ground. Amen."

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